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Our flyer request process is SIMPLE and FAST. Click the button above or chat with us on Facebook!

The Missing Person Support Center flyer creation process is efficient while also meticulous to provide families, law enforcement, and news media with a powerful, professional tool to bring awareness to missing person cases. We offer our flyer creation service at no cost to you and will get it on social media QUICKLY to make the most of those crucial first hours that a person is missing.

Requirements for MPSC to Create a Flyer:

  • There must be a police report filed

  • Contact number for police department where report is filed

  • A photo of the missing person

  • Date last seen

Helpful Details for the MPSC Flyer and/or Investigation:

  • Physical Description including height, weight, hair color, length of hair, usual way of wearing hair, eye color, glasses/contacts

  • Unique physical features such as tattoos, scars, piercings

  • Photo of tattoos and/or scars

  • Clothing and/or accessories worn when they were last seen

  • Agency Case # (police report #)

  • Circumstances such as location last seen, who they were seen with, what they were doing, what they planned to do 

  • What did they take with them, what important items did they leave behind

  • Communication methods such as cell phone, social media

  • Transportation method, if they have a vehicle, description of vehicle and plate #

  • Photo of vehicle

  • NamUs ID (If they are note entered into NamUs, we can help you with that)

The MPSC flyer template is 100% original, built from the ground up by a MPSC volunteer with input from law enforcement professionals to maximize the shares on social media, use by news media, and use by law enforcement agencies to ultimately bring more awareness to missing persons cases.

*Missing Person Support Center gives full permission to any person, organization, news, or media outlet to share and use any of our missing flyers. They may be used in any capacity to help bring awareness including, videos, commercials, blogs, forums, social media websites, print form, books, marketing materials, and newspapers. We ask that they not be altered in any fashion.

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